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Specialty Products + Packaging

Request an estimate for specialty products and packaging here. You will receive a written estimate within one business day. Thank you for this opportunity!

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We pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture whatever box, bag, or specialty product you can dream.  Imagine an A-Frame stand with lime green linen paper and liner, a clear plastic coil binding, and 4 different versions of inside pages.  Imagine a stand up rigid game box with a divider complete with CD s, game board, game pieces, tabs, memo pads and rule books. Imagine a card deck sandwiched between 85pt chipboard, with rounded corners and held together with a chicago screw and elastic.  
You will enjoy an extensive line of papers for lining and wrapping, as well as broad printing capabilities for any litho wrapped project.
Please describe for us your Specialty Product in the comments area below.

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